Cheeky Chicken strips cooked in garlic & honey

Day three is here and the food plan has exceeded expectations, despite a bit of a rocky start yesterday dinner time with this Chicken Dish!

As per the menu, I laid some chicken strips onto a baking tray and sprinkled over some finely chopped garlic (2 cloves). I then added 200ml of cold water and drizzled on the honey & added a few twists of pepper. I then squeezed some fresh lemon on top!

I braised the chicken strips in the oven for 20 minutes until tender and cooked through . Basting frequently. Meanwhile, I boiled some rice and cooked the green beans & carrots.

At this stage, I decided to forget the Thyme as my youngest was crying for cheese on toast instead of chicken. After drying away the tears and lots of reassurance, I then plated up and tried to make it look as pretty as possible (to make up for the tears 😢).

I drizzled the juices over the food & called out “dinner time!”…..the verdict? Two happy little tummies & two rounds of seconds. Woo hoo! Phew! Woo hoo! Happy, healthy tummies equals happy Mummy.

recipe cards available under the ‘recipes’ tab

Author: tahliacarly

Just the two of us, sharing our mummy, fitness and recipe tips/ideas

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