Pancake Day

So, it’s Shrove Tuesday. Up until about an hour ago, I hadn’t made the connection. Despite the fact I’m heading off to watch Pancake Races in about half an hour! Doh…!

I’ve quickly knocked up a batch of mini pancakes which I can reheat when the kids get home. I know it’s not much fun, but it’s one of those of days where I’ve been sat watching my eldest & her team compete all morning. Quick stop home, more racing and then parents evening later!! No, I don’t fancy seeing little expectant faces watching me flip and deliver the perfect pancakes within a 20 minute time slot before we need to head out again. The pressure! I will however, make a couple more for the fun factor when they get home. But for now, the pressure is off.

These mini ones are so cute and very easy to make. Here is the recipe I used:

125g (4oz) Plain flour, 1 Egg, 300ml Milk, sunflower oil for frying, Handful of blueberries (optional).

I added the egg to the Flour and slowly added the milk. I beat the egg and milk until it was all mixed. I then heated a mini frying pan and once hot, added a tiny drop of oil. I then placed another larger frying pan onto heat, and again added a couple of drops of oil.

I then put a small amount of batter into the small frying pan and popped a few blueberries in, I cooked until small holes appeared on top. Then I loosened the edges and flipped it into the larger pan.

I repeated this until I had a stack of 12 mini Pancakes 👍🏻

Later, I will warm them up individually in the large frying pan & I should imagine they’ll take about 30 seconds each side. The kids can then smother them is the sauces of their choice!!! Nom nom….here’s the one I made for me…..

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