The Mighty (but Mini) Meatballs

With the children back at school yesterday, it was time to piece the house back together bit by bit and get reorganised. I sort of achieved this and at around 2pm realised it was just too nice to go straight home from school, a trip to the park was definitely a must! Therefore, it was time to knock something up quickly for their tea, that I could reheat at dinner time.

The Mighty (Mini) Meatball!!! Shop bought, I defrosted them in the microwave and prepped my Tomato Sauce.

Placing 400g Tin of chopped Tomatoes into a saucepan, I added a good sprinkling of dried Basil and Oregano. I thinly sliced a small clove of Garlic and added this to the sauce along with a splash of Red Wine Vinegar. The smells!! I then left this to simmer away, whilst I browned off the Meatballs. Where possible, I like to buy 5% Fat Mince and I find that if I keep the heat low then I don’t need to add any oil. I do like to try to keep things as unprocessed and healthy as possible. Although, this isn’t always practical!

Once the Meatballs had been sealed, I then added them to the Tomato Sauce. To finish off, I added a generous handful of frozen Peas and some fresh Basil. I then added a healthy twist of Pepper.

I placed a lid on the pan, and left to simmer for 20 minutes on a low heat. What I love about this meal, other than the pure simplicity of it, is that it can be set aside and reheated when required!!!

Trip to the park a success, I cooked some Basmati Rice and Garlic bread and served with the reheated Meatballs. This dinner got a thumbs up from my two, that’s for sure!

*Recipe Card coming soon*

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