Let’s Get Spiralling- The Courgette Way


Here at Mums In Real Life, we love a gimmick and nothing quite beats a good ‘ spiralling’ session!! Not only is it fun (the kids LOVE watching!), but it gets the kids eating their superfoods too and…they just look so so pretty!!

We have the Hemsley & Hemsley model, although there are plenty of others about!!

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Check out their page, they have a super range:


So how did we cook the Courgettes? We simply added a small amount of salt to a pan of boiling water, added the courgettes and reduced to a simmer for 4 minutes. We then drained and served as a side.

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Perfectly peeled eggs – every time

That after hard boiling eggs, if you (carefully!) stab through the egg with the sharp point of a knife, place in cold water for 10 seconds…you can perfectly peel them?


The water penetrates the membrane beneath the egg shell, and you can peel the eggs perfectly!! No egg hacked away, or anything 👍🏻

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Synopsis of a 5 day healthy eating plan (for kids)

It’s ‘throwback Thursday’!!! Way back when, here at Mums In Real Life we trialled out a 5 day healthy eating plan on some of our fussy little eaters. The results were AMAZING!!!! Take a read and as always, here at Mums In Real Life we’d love to hear any tips of secrets you may have! We’re all in this together, right?1

Soooooo, what an interesting few days in terms of the healthy eating plan we put in place and trialled throughout the week. As you may recall (or if you are new, welcome and all will make sense soon), we’ve been trying to encourage a couple of our fussy little eaters to try more food ingredients. Hail the red kidney bean!!! Hoorah for Mexican music! I salute you cod fillets rolled in breadcrumbs! You are forever in my heart, Avocado!

Looking through books, discussing what food we love & why, what food they REALLY dislike (and why – some untasted) we put together a menu. One that was simple, achievable but with a few dishes ordinarily a couple of kiddie winks ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT EAT at this stage in their little life.

Quite frankly, meal times were starting to get quite tedious. I’ve mentioned before, it was like Ground Hog Day.

See our previous blogs for some of the results. The one I was most dreading, was our Mexican theme night. I’ve tried this before. Loads of times. However, at some point this week all of the cogs fell into place.

I made up a quick mince dish today – it was so easy. For the purpose of this menu I left out Chillies, but I did add Cumin, Ginger, Paprika and Garlic.

I whizzed a (very) ripe Avocado in the blender with a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream and some lime juices. It took about 30 seconds and then I twisted in some pepper.

That was it. Done. As I went to pick my kids up, I mentioned to Tahlia that I really wasn’t sure how dinner time would go down. I genuinely felt quite torn about it.

I shouldn’t have worried. Like I say, some cogs had fallen into place for my youngest. I do confess at this stage to playing traditional Mexican music this morning, us all dancing around, really ‘bigging up’ tonight’s meal.


Here are the results: Yes, they even ate the kidney beans 👍🏻

So a good week. I will go to bed tonight knowing that I’ve been well and truly played. The fact is, there isn’t much my ‘fussy’ little doesn’t like. Apart from a bit of control. But before I head off to bed, I’m going to add some jalapeño peppers to the mince and enjoy my feast (Mexican music and all).

Give it a whirl 👍🏻

No more messy spoon marks on your worktops!

Here at Mums In Real Life, we use the hanging hook on our pans to hold our spoons! Very random, but it’s a bit of a cleaning hack as we don’t need to clean the kitchen tops 👍🏻

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5 Day Plan…

Results of homemade Cod bites

Whilst trying to clean long forgotten paint brushes this morning, it struck me that I needed a bit of a plan. The first part of the plan, I decided, is that I’m going to search for some inspiration on a 5 day Healthy eating plan for the kids.

We’re already a pretty healthy bunch but one great thing about documenting what you cook, is that I’ve realised week on week it’s all a bit samey!! Time to change that.

The second thing is that Tahlia has inspired me to get my running shoes on again…..eeekkkkk!!! Now, I’m motivated enough to hit the gym and I attend workout sessions on a regular basis (4-5 times per week) but I mainly focus on core strength and body conditioning. Time to up my game! Twice last week I ran 2km on top of my normal gym sessions and my goodness…..it was hard!!! But I did it and was pretty proud of myself.

My aim & mentality with fitness and food is that it’s all about balance.

I eat because I absolutely love food and I work out because it makes me feel strong and good about myself. I believe in fit, not skinny. I believe eat delicious food and enjoy life, but with a good healthy dose of balance.

Therefore, this evening I’m going to search for food and running inspiration and I’ll come up with my plans.

Meanwhile, this evenings dinner for my little cherubs is already sorted. If you’re looking for inspiration for a quick after school dinner, then I hope you find this useful…

Cod Bites

I’m hoping these will be met with approval by my kids. I quickly sliced up some partially defrosted Cod fillets. I whizzed 3 slices of brown bread in the mixer to make breadcrumbs. Next, I rolled a Cod strip into some plain flour, then into beaten egg and lastly covered it in the breadcrumbs. I did this for all of the Cod, in total it took me less than 10 minutes. I put them onto a baking sheet and they are waiting in the fridge until after school. You’ll note that I’ve left out herbs, which is usually a must for any of my cooking! My youngest is going through a bit of a fussy stage, so I therefore decided to keep it all quite plain. I will however, serve with homemade wedges and some Veg or Salad. Not forgetting a big splodge of Ketchup! Give it a go! I’ll share the cooked results later 🤞🏻


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