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Apple & Berries Oat Breakfast Smoothie


Here’s another throw back to keep us all motivated this week 👍🏻

How’s the ‘shaking it off’ going for you? Here at Mums In Real Life, we’re feeling mighty fine!

These yummy Oat and fruit breakfast smoothies have really given us a spring in our step this week.

Did You Know….?

That Oats are stacked full of vitamins, Fibre and antioxidants and are among the healthiest grains on earth.

Check out this link for all of the benefits:

The breakfast smoothie for Day 5 is just delicious! Give it a go, it’s super easy…


150ml Soya Milk

100ml Skimmed Milk

20g Oats

4 Strawberries

1 Apple (skin on, cored)

Handful of Blueberries


Pop everything (save a couple of blueberries to use as a dressing) into your blender and blitz. Pour and enjoy!


Simple Running Plan

So, I mentioned previously that Tahlia has inspired me to get my running shoes back on. This I have done and it’s been far more enjoyable than I thought it would be!

Now, hands up here. I’m not a complete novice. I have partially trained for a Marathon and with the help of a local running club, managed to regularly rack up 11 miles. However, the Marathon dream came to a gradual halt when I fell pregnant and said a very big hello to bad hips.

That was nearly 8 years ago. So it has been a while.

After talking to several good friends (who run a lot) & looking at some plans online, I pinched the following stock programme which is I have to say, really working for me.

Last week I started this simple (but daunting!) Plan and was so chuffed with myself for doing 2km. The following run I upped my game and shaved off nearly 3 minutes. Again, although I know it’s not that great a distance, I was so proud of myself!!

This morning…drum roll please…I achieved 3km without even realising it (I was catching up with a friend who was running on the treadmill next to me!) and inadvertently ran/walked 3km in less time than I’d ran/walked 2km last week. This is the sort of plan I like. One that makes you feel good, has positive impacts and at the same time sees you hitting achievable targets! Give it a go…👍🏻

Next up, the 5 day healthy eating plan for the kids has begun. Last week we drew up a menu which I hope encourages them to try a few new things 🤞🏻

First on the menu was Tuna and Pasta bake. Easy you might think? What’s innovative about that? Others might wonder. Well, it’s been off the menu for a while in our house (see previous blog). My youngest PROMISED to give it a go. My Eldest couldn’t wait to have it back on the table!

Full of goodness, easy peasy to make (will add recipe card) and the sort of meal you can add extra elements to jazz it up, this just needed to make a comeback.

I served it with mini corn on the cobs and lettuce on the side. After eyeballing the plate for a few moments, the verdict was in….