Lip-Smacking Lockdown Lemonade

So, during these worrying of times, we’re back with a lip-smacking bang to keep the kids thirst kept at bay. This really is a treat in our house, not for the every day but a recipe the children love to make on sunny days.

Inspired by Allegra McEvedy who has written a cookbook inspired by the stories of Enid Blyton, why not give the kids a lesson on the art of making Lemonade? It really is so simple and I can promise the results are totally worth it! My kids delight in reading out and copying down the ingredients and method, the measuring and weighing and the jolly good shaking!!! Most of all, they love the outcome and it certainly quenched our thirst during these warm days in the Uk. Let’s get going!


3 lemons

2 limes

100g caster sugar


Start off by quartering the fruits and then let the kids squeeze out the juices into a jug. You should end up with about 150-200ml of juice. Place the skins to one side.

Next up, place the juice into a jar, add the sugar and 250ml water. Place the lid on top and get the kids to give it all a good old shake until the sugar dissolves.

Add 1 litre of cold water and the squeezed out lemon and lime skins. Give it all a jolly good stir!! Add ice and Enjoy!!!

Christmas Tree Mini Pizzas

Ho Ho Ho….we had some neighbours round recently for Cheese and Mulled wine & the kids made these festive mini pizzas for their friends. They used cookie cutters for the bases. How cute do they look? Check out the link below for the quick no proving required pizza base:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas xx

Demelza *Halloween Competition Time* Win 7 Tickets

Looking for things to do in Half Term?

We have two adult tickets, and five children’s tickets to give away to the Demelza Hospice Care For Children Rochester Pumpkin Hunt on 24th October.

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page like and share this post, and tag a friend below who you’d like to take along with you.

Winners will be chosen from all entries at 9pm on Monday 21st October.

To enter you’ll need to:

1. Like & share this post

2. Tag a friend you’d like to take along in the comments below

3. One lucky winner will be announced on our Facebook page and by messenger (tickets will be sent by email)

Go go go! Happy hunting lovely

Fab and Easy Easter Tree

For as long as I can remember, I’ve meant to make an Easter tree. They are so pretty, and I’ve been desperate to make one, but things (aka work) always get in the way. Well not this year! It’s such a great activity to do with the children – the most fun bit is collecting up your items to make it with.

I cannot believe how easy it was to make, and best of all – it only cost me a few quid to buy the eggs to hang. Everything else was free or up-cycled.

I love my Mum and Dad’s house, it’s like an Aladdin’s cave. Cue an afternoon at Mum and Dad’s scavenging for bits and pieces to make my (sorry – OUR) Easter tree and we had all the things we needed:

Things you’ll need

  • One large jug or vase) mine belonged to my Great Aunt Cissy and had been languishing in my Mum and Dad’s garden for a lot of years. It was a bit rusty (and holy) but a good wash and it was absolutely perfect for the job.
  • Cuttings from trees (I cut the pretty Apple Blossom from the apple trees in the orchard and they look beautiful and smell so fragrant too). You can use any branch and if you don’t want to scavenge you can find synthetic versions at your local craft shop.
  • Easter eggs on Ribbon. Mine came ready-made from Flying Tiger Copenhagen and cost me about £5 for 18.
  • Ribbon to decorate (if you want to)


  • Trim the branches to sit neatly in your Easter Tree. As a general rule, I like mine to be about 2x the height of your vase/jug but you can make them smaller if space is limited.
  • If you are using blossom, I recommend you place a container of water inside your jug to help keep them fresh and beautiful. I used a medium sized glass.
  • Add you eggs to the branches, trying to ensure they are evenly covered and that you distribute the colours evenly too.
  • Add a ribbon to the vase/jug if you want to.
  • Ta -dah, you have a beautiful Easter Tree!

Have fun lovely people.

Tahlia x

Stuffed Pancakes

If you’re not sick of Pancakes by now, I recommend giving this recipe a go if you fancy trying something a bit different!

Now with this one, you can have the filling of your choice. I opted for mince and spinach as this is what I had to hand. I browned off the mince (no oil) and added some chopped up cherry tomatoes and garlic. Next I added a big blob of tomato purée, a generous dash of water and a good twist of pepper. I left to simmer for 15 minutes. At the end of cooking I added a large layer of spinach on top and put a lid on it.

Using left over pancake mix, I made up 4 large pancakes. Once cooked, I placed one onto a baking tray and put the mince filling in the middle (just like how you’d make a wrap). I repeated this for all of the pancakes.

Next, I added a couple of tablespoons of Sour Cream onto each wrapped pancake, grating mature Cheddar on afterwards.

They then went into a preheated oven (180•C) for 20 minutes.

I simply plated up onto a large lettuce leaf, with a big dose of extra hot chilli sauce on the side!!

Give it a go 👍🏻

Pancake Day

So, it’s Shrove Tuesday. Up until about an hour ago, I hadn’t made the connection. Despite the fact I’m heading off to watch Pancake Races in about half an hour! Doh…!

I’ve quickly knocked up a batch of mini pancakes which I can reheat when the kids get home. I know it’s not much fun, but it’s one of those of days where I’ve been sat watching my eldest & her team compete all morning. Quick stop home, more racing and then parents evening later!! No, I don’t fancy seeing little expectant faces watching me flip and deliver the perfect pancakes within a 20 minute time slot before we need to head out again. The pressure! I will however, make a couple more for the fun factor when they get home. But for now, the pressure is off.

These mini ones are so cute and very easy to make. Here is the recipe I used:

125g (4oz) Plain flour, 1 Egg, 300ml Milk, sunflower oil for frying, Handful of blueberries (optional).

I added the egg to the Flour and slowly added the milk. I beat the egg and milk until it was all mixed. I then heated a mini frying pan and once hot, added a tiny drop of oil. I then placed another larger frying pan onto heat, and again added a couple of drops of oil.

I then put a small amount of batter into the small frying pan and popped a few blueberries in, I cooked until small holes appeared on top. Then I loosened the edges and flipped it into the larger pan.

I repeated this until I had a stack of 12 mini Pancakes 👍🏻

Later, I will warm them up individually in the large frying pan & I should imagine they’ll take about 30 seconds each side. The kids can then smother them is the sauces of their choice!!! Nom nom….here’s the one I made for me…..

Greek Night

So, with word that Storm Freya was hitting us this weekend, we headed over to Tahlias’ and Co for a Greek night. Having taken inspiration from Pinterest, Tahlia cooked up a storm! We were greeted with a 7 layer hummus dip, served with mini Pitta breads.

The house was a cacophony, one room blasting out pop music (kids bop), another the sound of boys debating levels re the console, then the smells. Oh, the smells!! The fragrances from Briam, Greek roasted vegetables.

The senses were in overdrive. Especially when the roasted lamb Kleftikoe came out of the oven!

Nom nom. We certainly enjoyed an incredibly tasty, succulent meal – watch this space for the recipe cards.