Free Easter Holiday Activities For All Of The Family To Enjoy

School holidays, whilst fun, can be financially stressful for many people. I myself have squandered away a small fortune so far this week at the cinema, soft play, lunch out etc. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The truth is for my little family, whilst we all love a fantastic experience, we just want to be doing stuff together.

Now my kids love playing. Love it. They love baking (so do I), they love cooking (me too!), they love arts and crafts (another similarity!) they are complete and utter bookworms (oh! Snap!). But with 2 weeks off, sometimes we need a bit more.

I have this fantastic little book and when my own imagination is running a bit dry, I often flick through to get some ideas. The title is a bit misleading, many of the activities can be done indoors. Which is fantastic because let’s be honest, the weather right now isn’t great.

So many things to do! From Geocaching to building insect hotels. Building log pile houses to making your own barometer. The options are endless!

My two picked a Limbo contest and painting flower pots. Gazing out at the trees swaying madly in the wind, the sun was still shining so we gave Limbo a go!

So we got stuck in and the kids gathered bamboo canes from the garden. We used garden wire to make some hooks on two of the canes and then pressed them firmly into the ground.

At this point, I blasted out some traditional Caribbean music, put the Limbo stick in place and let the competition commence.

Cue the biggest blast of wind, much giggling and about half an hour of fun. Despite our best efforts, we decided to ditch the Limbo and wait for less windy weather.

Next up we decided to paint some pots. We rummaged about in the shed, prepped the table and the kids started on their creations.

They did a lovely job and we’ll fill them with compost and seeds as the week goes on. I’m sure the recipient will be thrilled when they receive these at Easter!

Not content to sit still for 5 minutes, with all of the wind howling about outside, my eldest thought it would be a fab idea to make a kite! Hmmmm. I referred to my little book. Hmmmm. A bit technical for me without a bit of Pre planning.

Then I remembered the plastic bag kite. This was a bit of a stretch as I only have the big reusable bags nowadays, but I managed to find an old thin plastic bag right at the bottom of one of my bag of bags (everyone has these bags, right?!).

What an easy activity. A bag, some string. Bingo! No time to decorate. They were far too keen to get outside.

Yup! If anyone saw/heard 2 kids running around gleefully singing “let’s go fly a kite” repeatedly (for hours!) along with a very wind swept Mummy, that was us!

We’ve had the best day! They are already fast asleep and do you know what? I didn’t spend a single penny. Result 👍🏻

Give it a go. Have fun and share any ideas you have.

Author: tahliacarly

Just the two of us, sharing our mummy, fitness and recipe tips/ideas

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