Friday Focus…Introducing The Award Winning Author: Philippa W Joyner

At Mums In Real Life, we are always seeking out fantastic role models to inspire not only us, but also our children. Teachers, doctors, dancers, nurses, athletes, entrepreneurs, authors, cleaners, shop workers…everyone’s story is unique, and to us, success comes in many different guises.

Everyone has their own success story, be it humble (in their opinion) or huge. It’s a scary time when the pressure on people, particularly on young children, seems to have peaked. Here at Mums In Real Life we want to celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In particular, we want to share their achievements.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to introduce Friday Focus. A regular spot to highlight people who provide us with inspiration, insights and who make the world a better and more sincere place.

Introducing Philippa W Joyner…

Meet the fabulous Philippa – mum of two, PA and author of Children’s magical Realism and Adult Humour. Juggling her time between family and work, Philippa made the most of the latent train delays on her daily commute to pen and publish her first collection of fantastical books, The Anouka Chronicles. The Chronicals are based on the whimsical traits of her own two children. We’re so inspired by Pippa’s dedication to her writing, whilst balancing the other aspects of her busy, daily life. You can find out more about Philippa in her full bio here.

In Philippa’s words…

“JK Rowling and Stephen King tried and tried and tried various publishing doors before sudden acceptance and I wanted to let others know that dreams come true if you pursue them. It takes dedication and knock-backs and I’m still trying to find a great publisher to gain more traction but all females “get your ideas out there”…. imagine being the person who created paper cocktail umbrellas or the Post-it note!!? 
Create to inspire everyday. “

Philippa will be signing copies of her books at the UK Southern Book Show in Worthing on 28th April 2019 from 10am – 3pm. Admission and parking is free:

You can find Philippa’s books on Amazon.

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