Super easy working lunch

So I whipped this up this morning for Carly and I, as we were working together today on a DIY project. It was super easy, really healthy and filling.

Takes only 10 mins to make and prepare:


  • Two hard boiled eggs
  • Rocket/mixed salad/cucumber/peppers
  • 10 black olives (I used Kalamata)
  • Green beans – blanched
  • Tuna steak (mine were frozen from Iceland)
  • Dressing: one part olive oil to two parts white wine vinegar plus a dollop of Wholegrain mustard


  1. Pop some water in an pan to boil
  2. Put your tuna steak on a microwaveable plate. Splash with water and salt and pepper and cover. Microwave a minute at a time until just cooked
  3. Put your eggs and beans into the boiling water and simmer (covered) for 5 minutes
  4. Prep your salad and put in one takeaway pot (lettuce/rocket/olives/cucumber etc)
  5. Fill the saucepan with cold water to cool your eggs/beans and leave for a couple of minutes
  6. Add the eggs and beans to the salad
  7. Add the dressing ingredients to a pot and season (I use a jam jar)
  8. Put your tuna steaks in to another pot until ready to serve.
  9. Wait until you’re starving and then assemble. Shake up your dressing a drizzle over your salad. Enjoy!

Author: tahliacarly

Just the two of us, sharing our mummy, fitness and recipe tips/ideas

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