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Circuits: The Pyramid

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned my absolute love for Boot Camp? About two years ago, I stumbled upon an outdoor Boot Camp on the beautiful green in a village near to me. I went along fearing the worst, but immediately became hooked on the fresh air, hard work, and felt at home with the fab bunch of people there. Two years on and I’m still going strong, and that group of people have become my fitness family. We look out for each other, push each other to do more, do better, and we have a laugh (and sometimes a few drinks) along the way.

Friday morning is a favourite, with circuits in what is affectionately known as ‘The Shed’ a purpose build gym and outdoor space in Craig’s garden where we train. This morning was a really killer circuit (didn’t stop us laughing along the way) so I thought I’d start sharing them with you (with kind permission from Craig).

This circuit uses weights, so if you have a slam ball (or medicine ball) then great, if not then you can improvise or swap out #1 for something different (maybe plyometric jumps). I plan to do you some exercise cards to show you how to do these properly, but there are a million resources on YouTube to help you with technique.

This morning, we also did the Pyramid wearing weight vests for extra resistance. If you’re a beginner, then I’d suggest you start without one. If you’re more used to circuits then give it a go – you’ll amazed at the difference it makes to training!

Have fun! Tahlia x

PS: Thanks to Craig at keeling for letting me share. Watch this space for more!!


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