The results are in…

With the excitement of Valentines Day and Disco over, its time to post the results of the kids Mini Pizzas.

An hour before school pick up, I made up some Tomato Sauce using a Tin of Chopped Tomatoes. With the Tomatoes simmering away, I added some dry Basil and let the mixture thicken up. This took about 15 minutes on a low heat. I then transferred it into a cute Le Creuset Pot (the lid also doubled up as a cutter yesterday to make the pizza bases) and left it to cool. I removed the pre made Pizza bases from the freezer to defrost. So far, so easy.

Once the kids came home (with 3 of their friends in tow), starving as usual, we set about creating our tea! After smearing some Tomato sauce onto their pizza bases, they then sprinkled on grated Cheddar and added some Pepperoni (which I’d pre cut into love heart shapes). A lot of fun was had by all, and off they went to play whilst waiting for their Pizzas to cook! These literally took 8 minutes in a pre heated 180.c oven! They really did taste lovely, oh so simple but oh so delicious! I think they did a fab job! Well done guys 🙂

Author: tahliacarly

Just the two of us, sharing our mummy, fitness and recipe tips/ideas

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