Love is in the air….

This morning, we certainly all felt the love!!! As I was putting the finishing touches on to our ‘special’ breakfast, my kids couldn’t believe their luck when they saw these two plates this morning!!!! I know, I know….I honestly have never served up Chocolate Cupcakes for breakfast before, but I couldn’t resist these Aldi ones that I saw whilst out shopping yesterday!!! Adding a few Strawberries did make me feel a bit better….! Anyway, it was worth it. After the initial excitement, old habits die hard, they licked some of the icing off, ate the Strawberries and asked for Porridge!

I’m hoping to be back later today with the results of the special Valentines Days mini Pizzas. Bases at the ready…..

Author: tahliacarly

Just the two of us, sharing our mummy, fitness and recipe tips/ideas

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